Rachel Smith

"Fashion changes, but style endures.”           - Coco Chanel

"When you have a job you love, you never have to go to work."

My ability to find beauty everywhere I look was first apparent when I looked through the lens of a camera.  I am always in search of bright, beautiful, colorful shots which inspire me.  Capturing someone with the camera when they are feeling their most beautiful is an exciting and memorable moment.  It was only natural that my love for beauty and education inspired me to develop a career in cosmetology.  The two industries are a perfect balance for my inherant flair for creativity and passion for making others feel beautiful.  I love that both industries are ever evolving and continue to inspire my designs.  My signature style would be one that is bright, fresh, and new with a classic shape.  I love that I have been given the opportunity to share my passion for beauty with all that I meet.  It is an honor when someone refers to me as their 'stylist'.  

rices starting at:

Prices starting at:

Women’s Styled Cut   35

Curling Iron Set   25

Blowout   30

Event styling   60

Bridal   90 

Organic Keratin Treatment 120

Agave Treatment   150

Texture Wave   75

Single Process Color   75

    with a Few Foils   90

    with a Foiling  105

Glazing   75

    with a Few foils   90

Single Color Foiling   90

    with a Glazing   105

Dual Color Foiling   100

    with a Glazing   115

Multi Dimensional Foiling   110

    with a Glazing   125

Extension pricing- see extension page

Waxing  (eyebrows, lip, chin, or cheeks)   5

Full Facial Wax   25

Makeup Application  40 up

Manicure   15

Pedicure   35

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